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Frequently Asked Questions
for Adam Hauser

Are your goalie camps for boys or girls?
Both. Everyone is welcome.

Do you have camp jerseys?
No. We like it when camp attendees wear jerseys from their team/town.

Why do you wear regular skates when you coach?
I can skate faster and better with regular skates. I like to be able to move well on the ice if I am going to be shooting at goalies. I usually try and wear goalie skates if I know I am going to more demonstrating.

Do you have camp jerseys for sale?
No. We usually don't provide camp jerseys for students. We like students to wear jerseys reflecting their team, town, etc.

How did you become interested in hockey?
Hockey in Minnesota is pretty much part of growing up. It's not quite like up in Canada, but it's close. My parents just asked me when I was younger if I wanted to try hockey. I said yes, and it stuck.

Since you run goalie camps now, do you plan on coaching when your career is over?
Yes, I would like to coach after my playing career is done. I am not certain in what capacity I would like it to be, but I still have time to figure things out.

How do you stay focused in practice since games are basically on weekends?
Usually practice is a time for me to think about what I need to work on fundamentally. So, my mind is then focused on that task instead of games in the past or future. I've always been told practices are for working on things; so in games those things come naturally.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
I've never liked the word "ritual" describing my pre-game habits. It has too much of a superstitious tone. It sounds like there are certain things that I MUST do or else we will lose or I'll play bad. I suppose I have a routine. It mainly centers around getting my body ready for the game. I don't care how it gets done; it's a bit different every game. But, I need to stretch/warm-up my hips and legs for the start of the game.

How do the fans affect your play? Do you see their signs, jerseys, etc. in the stands?
Usually not. In pre-game warm-ups, I have only a limited time to make sure I am ready and set for the game.

Who's your favorite goalie?
Patrick Roy. Probably the best goaltender in terms of mental toughness. Plus, he has a few Stanley Cups. He's not bad.

Who's the best shooter you've faced?
I have faced too many good ones to name just one as the best. Those who are up at the top so far, though, include Luc Robataille, Teemu Sellane, and Patrick Marleau. Val Bure's pretty quick, too.

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