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Adam Hauser Goalie Training

Adam Hauser teaches the skills and styles of today's professional goaltenders. His current professional experience brings cutting edge philosophies to young goaltenders and enhances their on-ice performance.

Adam develops his curriculum based on his experience playing professional hockey today. No other goalie training program in the Twin Cities Metro area is organized, designed, and implemented by an active professional goaltender. Adam shares his experiences representing the United States on various National Teams abroad, winning a NCAA Division I Championship, and playing at all major levels of professional hockey, including the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings.

Adam Hauser's Goalie Training is modern. Goaltending tools are first taught and discussed. Skills are then focused on daily allowing continuous work and improved muscle memory. Advanced techniques and game situations are added as necessary to maximize students’ camp experience. Questions are well received and discussed fully. Instructors have years of experience working with all ranges of goalies. Male and female goaltenders of all ages and levels are welcome.

The best teaching environment for goaltenders is a 1:1 ratio. Adam Hauser is available for individual lessons around the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area. Special coordination and scheduling techniques may be required during school months. Hauser Goaltending, LLC has strategic business relationships to help with scheduling and cost. Lesson packages are as follows:
1 Lesson - $100
5 Lessons - $450 (10% off)
10 Lessons - $850 (15% off)

Let Adam Hauser work with your goaltender during their practice times! He will coordinate with the necessary coaches and association contacts for proper clearance. A smart way to cut rising ice costs. Price packages are as follows:
1 Practice - $75
5 Practices - $335 (10% off)
10 Practices - $635 (15% off)

Adam Hauser and his staff are looking for a team of dedicated goaltenders ready to take their game to the next level. Train with Adam and his staff as they workout with you in a program inspired by goaltending in today’s professional game.

The program features two, one-hour ice sessions each week along with additional off-ice activities. On-ice sessions will focus on strengthening goaltenders' fundamental foundation while increasing physical performance. The classroom style sessions will give goaltenders an alternate view for learning fundamental and advanced concepts.

Off-ice sessions administered by a certified personal trainer will educate students on ways to improve their physical condition during the summer months. Speed, strength, and agility drills are intense. Concepts are adjusted for varying ages of students. No jeans, sandals, wheelies, etc.

The entire program will improve footwork, save making, and recovery.

Hauser Goaltending, LLC does not provide camp jerseys. Camp participants are asked to wear jerseys showing where they are from, or the colors representing their team. Adam uses the program to get himself ready for training camp. He is unable to attend the final sessions of each year's program in August, but uses the opportunity to continue playing professionally and bring back today's goaltending philosophies to Minnesota's youth goaltenders.

There is a deadline for registration in place 14 calendar days before the start of each camp. Schedules, registration, & online offers can be found on this site. If you have any questions, please send an email to or call 952-960-0819. Also, there is NO pre-requisite device or aid that needs to be purchased prior to attendance.