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Testimonials for
Adam Hauser's Goalie Trainings
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  • R.E. - Big Lake, MN
    "I received the camp DVD! Thanks a lot! I like seeing how I did the drills and what I need to improve on. I noticed I was getting up on the wrong leg in some of the drills. Thank you!"
  • P.W. - Francestown, NH
    "Going to Adam's camps are so much fun and teach you so much! Adam always works you hard but at the same time he helps you and he makes it exciting. I can't wait until his next camp this summer."
  • K.C. - New Prague, MN
    "I have attended Adam's camp for 3 years and every time I come back I learn new things. Of all the camps that I have attended, this is the best because you learn so much and the instructors make it so fun."
  • A.D. - Bedford, NH
    "The camp was awesome! I learned a lot of new things. Now I can go into the butterfly faster and I have a better glove and blocker."
  • T.M. - Monticello, MN
    "Adam's camp has really helped me a lot. I used to be horrible at up downs and butterfly position, but when I went to his camp he helped me work on it and I improved dramatically. I would recommend this camp to goalies who really do want to improve."
  • S.T. - Belmont, NH
    "I really enjoyed the clinics by Adam Hauser. They taught me a lot. After going to the first goalie clinic, I have had 9 shutouts! I can't wait till I go to camp for a week."
  • T.S. - Stillwater, MN
    "I had the greatest time at Adam Hauser's camp! I learned a lot of stuff like how to recover from butterfly faster, how your stance should be, and a lot of other things. It was a lot of fun and I'm of course going to do it again next year! Thanks a lot!"
  • T.S. - Stillwater, MN - The next year
    "Thank you so much! I made the A Bantam team and beat out a returning A Bantam goalie! I give a lot of the credit to your camp and all of the skills you have taught me! I will see you next summer! Thanks again!"
  • A B. - Maple Lake, MN
    "Dryland is hard but it also can be fun.... I’m really glad they taped us because I can tell what I’m doing good and what I need to work on. I feel that this camp is already helping me with my goaltending."
  • B K. - Oakdale, MN
    "...Thank you so much for helping me at camp this year. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to next year. If your team ever plays in this area, I'd like to know about it so I can come to watch!"


  • M.Z. - Princeton, MN
    "Thank you for teaching [him] so much. He learned a lot and had fun doing it. He is already talking about 'when I go back next year'."
  • C.P. - Maple Grove, MN
    "Thank you for putting the [Summer] Program together. Hannah had a great time and learned a lot. In particular, it was really fun to see how the girls bonded througout the summer. They fed off of each other and Hannah looked forward to coming to every session."
  • K.P. - Manchester, NH
    Adam is a great friend of ours, but what he did for my son was great. He has improved amazingly under Adam's guidance. He worked with him for about 2 hours one day. That coming weekend we had the state championships. Out of four games, he only let in 2 goals and his team won the state championships for thier division. I believe under Adam's teaching and knowledge, my son has become a more consistant and confident goalie.
  • J.L. - Big Lake, MN
    "I am letting you know how much my son enjoyed your camp. He said he learned so many things that were different from what he has known. I never heard him complain. Thank you again. He has already informed me that he wants to go again next year!"
  • H R. - Somerset, WI
    "I just wanted to thank-you for your time and talents. My son Dylan had the oppurtunity to attend your camp in Somerset, WI. He learned things his youth hockey coach could not teach him. When we recieved our camp DVD it was fun to watch him progress from the week. I am really looking forward to seeing the results of the camp during fall league and regular season."
  • S.C. - New Prague, MN
    "I appreciate the consideration you have given us. You have always been very generous. The advice and friendship you have offered to [Kevin] in the past has been inspirational to him. Thanks for that."
  • S.P. - Manchester, NH
    "...Thank you for the outstanding camp you put on for the kids. This was one of the best camps Joe has been to and he certainly got a lot out of it. You really related well with the kids. We will be back next year for sure!"
  • S.H. - Worthington, MN
    "Thanks for a great camp and for all that you and your staff did. Kyle had a great time and is looking forward to coming back next year. He's also really looking forward to [the upcoming] season..."

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